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  • Irina Zhavoronkova

My Volunteer in Caras Alegres

When I entered Caras Alegres, I couldn't help bursting into tears while looking at those happy children playing together. I knew that they often have lives that cannot be described as "happy", but here, at Caras Alegres, they find their safe space and can just enjoy their right for an unworried childhood. It is like a second family for the children, and from the very first day I felt like a part of this family.

The energy that comes from the children is unbelievable! They are so grateful for playing with them and always want to show more of their world. You can make them happy by simple things like showing how to make a paper airplane. And they are so intelligent! It is wonderful that Caras Alegres gives them a chance to develop themselves and make their dreams come true by sponsoring school and university education for many of them.

Another pleasure was talking to the employees of Caras Alegres. They were so kind and told us a lot about the projects of the foundation. Besides all the projects, I find it very important that they educate girls about a very taboo topic - menstruation.

I learned so much about the life in Guatemala too! You can learn and see much more than just while traveling. You literally feel and live this culture (and definitely improve your Spanish skills).

But much more important is that Caras Alegres makes you rethink your life and revise your values sustainably. It is just beautiful what they do. You will come back as a different person!

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