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Our Projects


Afternoon Program

The purpose of this project has always been based on stimulating the cognitive areas of children through a series of recreational activities. While we do this, we focus on the development of creative skills, as well as teamwork.    

Community Lunchroom

The Community Lunchroom Project in which 65 children between the ages of 3-14 from Canton Xeul, receive a nutritious lunch,  four times a week. We have developed this project to contrast the great problem of malnutrition.


Scholarships Program

School dropout is a problem that affects more children every year. Through the APARES scholarships, we want to give the opportunity to the children of the community to continue fighting for their dreams. 

Women On the Way

The project has been developed with the purpose of giving help to women and children from the community who have been victims of some type o violence. 


Backpacks for Tomorrow

We have been developing this project. It provides help to 70 children who for many reasons families can´t afford the education supplies that they need to start the school year. 

Community Library

The Community Library was opened in 2021 with the purpose of promoting the reading culture inside the community, Furthermore, we also received a donation to open a computer lab that works for us to give children people of the community Computer lessons.

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