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Scholarships Program

Year after year many children are dropping out of school due to the lack of economic resources to continue paying for their studies. Through our Scholarship Program, called APARES, we want to give children the possibility to achieve their dreams with a better future. 


APARES was created with the simple intention of helping children to continue with their studies, we are aware that the economic situation in the community of canton Xeul, Barrio las Rosas is not so good, so we look for opportunities that can help children with their educational development.  At the time that we started with this project, we had only three children enrolled on this project and now we have 28 children receiving this constant donation as educational support. 

Also, we understand that some of the children, now teenagers who are enrolled on this project have some difficulties growing up because they come from a violent environment.  So as part of the project, we are continuously looking for some tools to help them to get this through while they are growing. Besides that, we schedule some recreational activities to help share time with them and have fun, which is important to be included as part of the project.

Every year we make a call for children in the community to be part of this project. And we will have them enrolled for the following year. If you are interested in sponsoring any children's education, stay in touch and your help will be part of the children´s future.


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