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Community Library

The Caras Alegres Community Library is the first community-wide library to provide the use of computers and books completely free of charge. The Library is equipped with 8 computers, textbooks, encyclopedias and reading books.


The project aims to contribute to quality education through educational and technological tools to which families in our community would not normally have access. Our library represents a free space and an environment that fosters education in the community of people with limited resources of any age. Not only do children and young people receive a technological education and can use the library, but also adults receive training on the use of computers. Through the library, we want to strengthen the bond we have with the children of the community and provide them with access to the Internet, books and technology that they do not have at home.


Caras Alegres Projects 06 COMMUNITY LIBRARY, in addition, the pandemic and crisis generated by Covid-19 have been changing traditional teaching methodologies, which have further evidenced inequality in our country. Families who barely have the financial resources to buy food are forced to take their children out of school because they can't sustain the expense of the internet to follow online classes. Our library comes to the aid of students who are in need so that they can follow their classes online from the Community Library and thus ensure the right to education and alleviate family expenses. Finally, the Library has a reading and study space, in which students can do homework and school research and everyone can foster the joy of reading books.

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