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Women on the way

Fighting to promote gender equality in our community has been a great challenge for us.  That's why the importance of this project is based on helping out women and children that had been victims of some type of violence. 


It is a project that was born in 2021, with the intention of giving support to the community of canton Xeúl, Las Rosas neighbourhood, Quetzaltenango. This project has so far followed up on 31 cases in total of different types. However, most have been linked to some form of violence.

Mujeres en Camino was managed with the idea of giving importance to mental health in the community. Well, despite being a region that has adapted a lot to certain changes at the social level. Mental health is still a topic that is prefered not to talk about.

Thinking of this problem as a key factor for the resolution of conflicts that affect our society, we have promoted this initiative as a long-term solution not only for the benefit of women but also for the children of the community.

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