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Backpacks for tomorrow

This has been one of our oldest projects in the association because

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To Guatemala, life after COVID-19  has brought quite delicate consequences to the country. According to Ramos (2021), this year a 14.6% drop in student enrollment was reported based on information from the Ministry of Education, he states that unlike the 4 million 140 thousand 158 students who enrolled in 2020 this year the figure was 3 million 535 thousand 369. In addition, the poverty rate in the country increased to 47%, 1.4% more than in 2020.

Ramos,S (16 de marzo 2021). Inscripción de estudiantes se reduce 14.6%. Diario República


However, not everything has been so bad, According to Escobar (2020) based on data from the Ministry of Education, school dropout in Guatemala in 2020 was much lower, compared to 2019. This source estimates that the index for this year was 1.56%, which implies that fewer children dropped out of school.

Escobar, I. (7 de octubre 2020). Educación: Cuántos niños han salido del sistema este año durante la pandemia del coronavirus. Prensa Libre.


While it is true, these numbers do not indicate educational progress, they are encouraging and, like Happy Faces, we see with great joy and motivation to continue supporting the dreams of children through the project "A BACKPACK FOR TOMORROW", with which we are looking to help 70 children with their backpacks. These backpacks include school supplies and the books they need to continue their studies. This basically means one backpack = one more year of study for a child. Therefore, your help in this part of the project is very important to achieve it.

At Caras Alegres we have been carrying out this project for more than 10 years and thanks to your help and hard work, we have been able to support more children each year. Our children need you. But for that, we must all contribute.


For our children, #CountOnMeToKeepDreaming

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