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  • Konstantin Metke

My Time at Caras Alegres

My time as a volunteer at Caras Alegres gave me a deep insight into the life in Guatemala, I will never forget. An insight which is hard to get only by travelling to the country's tourist-hotspots.

Together with the amazing team of Caras Alegres, I was able to help prepare lunch for the children in need, support the kids with their homework and play with them in their free time. Besides that, scientific surveys were made to keep track of the children's health condition. But Caras alegres is more than that. It is a safe space for children living in conditions unimaginable for people who are used to western standards.

I was surprised, of how much I was able to give to the kids through my work at Caras Alegres, and was even more surprised, of what they gave to me. My work was rewarded through smiling children every day, who appreciated their time with me. On top of that I was able to improve my spanish, being able to speak more and more fluent over time.

Thanks Caras Alegres for a life-changing experience and thanks to all the kids who made my time in Xela unforgettable!

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