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Caras Alegres

Where kids can be kids. 


About us

Caras Alegres was founded in 2004 through the dedicated efforts of two volunteers, Judith Bank and Marcel Van Der Geest. Their journey began in Canton Xeul, where they embarked on a volunteer mission and discovered a community teeming with opportunities to support children in need. Recognizing the pressing need for safe spaces for children, they established a modest daycare center, providing a nurturing environment where children could thrive.


Since its inception, Caras Alegres has expanded its initiatives significantly, becoming a cornerstone of positive change in the community. Beyond daycare services, our organization has implemented a range of impactful projects aimed at enhancing the lives of children. These initiatives encompass educational support, health and nutrition programs, and community engagement activities that empower both children and their families.


At Caras Alegres, we believe in the transformative power of education and compassion. Through our holistic approach, we strive not only to meet immediate needs but also to foster long-term resilience and opportunities for the children we serve. Our ongoing commitment to the community of Las Rosas is a testament to the enduring impact that dedicated volunteers and supporters can achieve together.


Join us in our mission to create brighter futures for children, one initiative at a time. Together, we can continue to make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our Projects

This is how we support the community. 


Afternoon Program

The primary objective of this project has consistently been to enhance children's cognitive abilities through a range of recreational activities. Concurrently, our emphasis lies on fostering creative skills and promoting teamwork.



School dropout rates continue to impact an increasing number of children annually. The APARES scholarships aim to provide the community's children with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and persist in their education.



The Community Lunchroom Project serves 65 children, aged 3-14, from Canton Xeul, providing them with nutritious lunches four times a week. This initiative addresses the significant issue of malnutrition in the community.


Women on the Way

The project has been developed with the purpose of assisting women and children in the community who have been victims of various forms of violence.


Backpacks for

This program aims to provide children with the essential materials needed to succeed in their education, supporting 70 children who lack the resources to acquire these goods and pursue their educational goals.


Donate today

Your support can make a world of difference! By donating to Caras Alegres, you help us provide essential resources and create meaningful programs for the children and families in the Las Rosas neighborhood of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to building a brighter future for our community. Join us in making a positive impact today. Thank you for your generosity!

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